Why I Dance

A project that explores the reasons we dance

The first Dancefest festival took place in 1990, and as part of the celebration of 30 years developing community dance, we're asking people to tell us their dance stories, to explore the reasons we dance.

A callout for your dance story

We'd like to hear from people who take part in our classes, companies and events.

Dancefest has an extraordinary range of participants, from young to not so, urban and rural dwellers, serious dancers, those who do it for fun - and we'd like to hear your dance story.

  • What is your earliest dance memory?
  • When did you start dancing? Where? Why?
  • How long have you been dancing and why it is special for you?
  • Is it for pleasure, for exercise? 

How to submit your story

There are several ways you can send us your story:

  • In a Word document or an email (400 words or fewer) 
  • As a sound file of you telling us your dance story
  • An image (or could be a link to a video) that tells your dance story, with a few words alongside.

Please send your story to info@dancefest.co.uk with "Dance Story" in the subject line.

We'll collect your stories and ask your permission to share them on this page.

We'll also be asking people from the world of dance, including inspirational dancers and choreographers (your suggestions as to who to invite would be very welcome!)