Dancefest update June 2020

We have an update for you about what will be happening at Dancefest this month.

Rose, Kitty and Karey, who have continued to work since lockdown began, are being furloughed on a rota basis during June. The Dance Development Team and Administrator remain furloughed.

Which means there’ll only be 1 or 2 part-time members of staff in post throughout this month.

Therefore, we’re taking a pause in our live classes - but they’ll start again in July.

Please keep dancing at home - tell us your dance story for Why I Dance, keep tagging us in your Reimagine Lockdown Challenge photos – and check out all the videos on our website and YouTube channel.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support us in so many ways - by coming to our live classes, watching our videos, making donations, sharing our social media posts and sending the loveliest messages!

Get in touch on or via our social media channels if you need us – and we’ll be back to dance with you very soon!

Stay safe, keep well.