The Way I See It: Half a Minute Movie

Dancefest creative challenge, part of The Way I See It, in partnership with Arts Council England and Google Arts & Culture

We'd like you to make a 30 second movie!

As part of The Way I See Ita project in partnership with Arts Council England and Google Arts & Culture, we'd like you to celebrate learning in lockdown, by creating a 30 second dance film inspired by a 'first' - an exhilarating new experience, a new skill or a life lesson - the way you see it!

Here's Janene to tell you more about the project and give you some ideas

Share your movie

Please share your movie on Facebook*, Twitter or Instagram*, tag Dancefest and use the hashtag #HalfAMinuteMovie

Make sure you keep your original movie! We'll select 50 for The Way I See It online exhibition.

If you're chosen, we'll be in touch in early September to ask you to send us your original film and fill in a permission form.

Age: We'd like anyone under 26 to come up with the ideas, but people of all ages can be in your film.

Closing date: 12 noon Tuesday 1 September

*make sure it's a public post

Here’s Jessie with some tips

Some starting points for young creatives

Getting started

This is a celebration of your creativity – there's no wrong or right, we want everyone to join in! You can star in your own film or direct your lockdown family or community, teaching your dance to them or asking them to show you the ‘way they see it’. 

Choosing your idea: Rather than thinking about what you haven’t been able to do during lockdown, think about what you've done for the first time - anything from learning sign language, leaving school, experiencing a new way of family life or riding a bike! 

Spacing your dance: Think about the right place to make your film - in your home, in the garden, where you learnt your new skill or experienced your 'first' - and think about what's in the background.

Teaching your dance: You might want to include your brother, sister, parent, grandparent or friends in your film. If you want others to take part, get ready to teach! A 30 second dance could take an hour or more for others to learn, be patient and keep it fun!

Filming your dance: Think about how to film yourself, or maybe you have a techie in the family or a friend who could help. Your film doesn't need a soundtrack - but if it does, please use copyright-free music.