Come Travel with Me

A dance and visual arts project for special schools
Available throughout the academic year

TreeCome Travel with Me is a day of participatory movement and visual arts led by teachers from Dancefest that takes place in and around a specially constructed dance ‘yurt’.

Based on the book ‘We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt’ written by Steve Metzger, Come Travel with Me explores the world of trees - how do trees help us to live, what lives in them, where do we find them? What might we find in our local woods, or a rainforest?  Explore and discover.

Designed for small groups of pupils to work in and around the dance ‘yurt’ (4 metres x 4 metres) which can be erected in a school hall or other medium to large space, or outdoors if the weather is warm and dry.

The format for the day is flexible, we can discuss with you how you would like your day to run – whole day with one group, short sessions to include more classes.

For more details contact Michele Holder, Dancefest Development Team Leader (Access and Inclusion), or 07779 507593.