Taking part with Dancefest

Hi, I’m Laura and I’ve been given the opportunity to share my experiences of taking part with Dancefest.

I started out going to contemporary technique class about 4 years ago, then started volunteering and gradually got more involved, taking part in performance projects with DFA as well.

Laura Reaper

Being in Quiet Revolution

The project I’m involved with currently is a final revival of Quiet Revolution and is the 5th DFA project I have taken part in so far.

It can sometimes be a bit nerve racking before going along to a dance class or starting a project for the first time when you’re not sure what to expect when you get started or who you’re going to be dancing with.

But with Dancefest there really is nothing to worry about; each and every person I have come across on every project has been warm, friendly and extremely welcoming.

People from all walks of life can take part whether they have lots of dance experience or not so much, older or younger, everyone is welcomed with a smile and put at ease straight away.

With the performance projects we generally have 4 or 5 rehearsals in the run up to a performance so it can be quite fast paced with lots to do in each session.

The pieces tend to be a combination of taught phrases and creative sections, giving you opportunities to work and dance with different people and develop new material from the taught phrases and the themes of the piece.

It can sometimes be challenging but the process as a whole is really rewarding and seeing the piece come together ready for the performance is very exciting.

It wouldn’t be a Dancefest piece without being performed in some different and sometimes unusual spaces. To date I have danced in a church, woodland, at Croome Court as well as in the streets of Worcester city centre.

How often can you say you get the opportunity to draw in audience members by performing a piece that you’ve helped to create, in public, amongst many different beautiful surroundings? If dance is an interest of yours go ahead and get involved because believe me, it’s great fun and you meet some wonderful people along the way!