Somewhere, sometime on a street near you...

Take a street, a path, a seat. Watch people as they rush, relax, wait, meet and move on. Set it to music and that is Passeggiata

A short, free, playful, pop up performance by DFA (Dancefest Adults) and friends.

In 2012, DFA, Dancefest's performance group of dedicated dancers aged 20+ with strong contemporary technique and a sense of adventure, created a new piece, Passeggiata, under the direction of Clare Wood.

Passeggiata is the Italian social tradition where families and friends take to the streets for an evening stroll before dinner. DFA’s version had a vintage twist, taking inspiration from women in the 1950s, old and new wedding traditions, family and travel.

The performance was developed from Dancefest’s project, 12 Moves, which was part of Dancing for the Games, the programme inspired by London 2012 and part of the Cultural Olympiad in the West Midlands that involved over 22,000 people in dance throughout Worcestershire.

Passeggiata was the first site generic performance that Dancefest created, able to pop up throughout the summer in pedestrianised areas, and aimed to target an unsuspecting audience, capturing the attention of people who may not usually see dance in a theatre setting, surprising shoppers and tourists with an upbeat, playful, pop up promenade performance.

Alongside DFA, Passeggiata featured performances from other Dancefest groups from Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Working with the same theme, the groups created interludes along the route.


We took a little taste of Passeggiata into Worcester city centre on Sunday 14 July 2012 as part of the Great British Summer Weekend. You can see some photos on Facebook here.

Italy's La Passeggiata - the Evening Stroll

An Italian Pastime by Margie Miklas 

Every evening, between the hours of 5pm and 8pm, Italians take to the streets, participating in what is known as La Passeggiata, or the evening stroll. The name comes from the verb passeggiare, which means to walk. Sociologists label La Passeggiata a "cultural performance, and on Saturdays and Sundays entire families participate, this frequently being the main social event of the day. Afterward, everyone heads home together for the evening meal.

Clare testing out the swirly skirts