Letting The Light In

Winter Solstice, Fort Royal Park, Worcester, Thursday 21 December

Dancefest bring you pop up performances with a contemporary twist, inspired by the eerie, mysterious streets of Dickensian England.

30 dancers from two of Dancefest’s community companies conjure up macabre and magical scenes inspired by a steampunk world, where music box ballerinas totter and twirl.

Things change when they meet characters whose ordinary lives are being transformed by the new-fangled machines of the Industrial Revolution, and where the light and magic of Christmas bring warmth and generosity.

Collaborating with Clik Clik Collective, they led intrigued visitors to stumble upon the unsavoury characters that inhabit the immersive installation, ‘Gin Lane’ as part of Worcester's Victorian Christmas Fayre this year,

Letting the Light In will also be performed as part of Friends of Fort Royal's Winter Solstice celebration on Thursday 21 December.

Gin Lane

Step back in time and into the dark world of ‘Gin Lane’: a Victorian alleyway with its debauched inhabitants, cast out of society due to their unsavory behavior!

Back for its third year, this immersive and playful production brings you shady characters, performances and sing-songs to provide an alternative Victorian experience from Clik Clik.


Gin Lane photo by Andy Burton

Clik Clik