New online booking FAQs

We have an online booking system with the aim of making it easy for people to book on to our classes and pay online, and to ensure we have up to date contact information for everyone who takes part in our classes.

How does it work?

First you register to become a member of Dancefest. It's free, it just means you have a Dancefest log in, just like you do if you book theatre or train tickets online. Just click on "enrol" on the class timetable or "register" in the menu bar and it'll take you through the process. Once you've registered, you can book on to a class.

Do I have to book online?

No, it's still fine to book by email, over the phone or at the Dancefest office but we will ask you to complete a paper enrolment form at the start of each term if you haven't booked online.

Can I book for my child?

Yes, you'll be the contact person but we'll ask you to give us your child's details, just like you would on a paper enrolment form.

Can I book for more than one person?

Yes, you can, but you need to register for each person separately so we have their individual details and they each have their own log in. Each person can book for more than one class, though.

What if I can't register/enrol/log in?

If you're having any issues, just get in touch to let us know and we can sort it out or book you in.

Why online booking?

More and more people are asking if they can book online so they can do it whenever it's convenient for them.

Sometimes we can't read phone numbers and email addresses on enrolment forms and it's really important we have accurate details, especially for your emergency contacts, or if we need to cancel a class.

You'll no longer have to fill in a paper enrolment form at each new class or at the start of each term - you just register once and then in future all you need is your username and password to book.

You'll receive an email confirmation of the classes you've booked for.

You'll be able to update your contact details easily if they change.

You'll be able to pay online and your receipt will be automatically emailed to you.

We'd like to reduce the amount of paper we use so we're kinder to our environment.

So.......are you ready?

Book on to a class