Reasons for advance payment:

  • We have limited capacity in venues for the purpose of 2 metre social distancing
  • Places are booked on a first come first served basis (including payment). A reserve register will operate in the event we don’t have enough spaces available immediately
  • For the purposes of Track and Trace in line with Government regulations
  • To ensure the class is able to run
  • To take away the need for handling any cash (reducing contact-transfer points)

Arriving (including temperature check, registration, hand sanitizing)

  • Please do not come to class if you are displaying any of the symptoms of Covid-19 (high temperature, new persistent cough, loss of taste and/or smell)

  • Please don’t arrive more than 10 minutes early for your class

  • Please put on your face covering as you enter the building in line with Government guidelines.

  • The register will be taken as you enter and your temperature taken (contactless) to make sure you are not running a temperature/fever. If you are I’m afraid you will not be allowed to proceed with the class.

  • Please keep on your face covering and sanitize your hands while you register, using the sanitizer provided or your own.

  • There will be allocated spots around the outside of the room, please leave your belongings on it throughout the class.  

  • By all means chat to friends once inside and waiting for the class to start but please keep to your allocated space with face covering on.


Safe Social Distancing, Footwear, Water Bottles and Face Coverings

Social safe distancing:

  • When you are ready, choose  a mark  on the floor which will mark the centre of your allocated 2 metre square space for the duration of the dance class

  • Please keep 2 metres apart from other dancers to your sides, in front and behind

  • Where possible at all times try to all face the same way as one another rather than face to face

  • If you need to sit down at any time, or get to get a drink, that is fine but please let the dance leader know so that people can be moved  in a socially distanced way.


Please wear jazz shoes, dance pumps, trainers, pumps, flexible soft shoes or socks with grips. No bare feet.

Face Coverings: 

If possible, keep your face covering on throughout the class. If you find this very uncomfortable, pop it under your chin while dancing but slip it back over your nose and mouth during explanations or movement demonstrations.

Ventilation, Sanitising, Toilets & Layering up

Ventilation and Layering Up: 

Where locations allowwindows and doors will be opened before you arrive to enable good ventilation during the class. Due to the increased ventilation, please bring layers of clothing that can be taken off as and when you warm up during the class.