Creative challenges

Why I Dance

As part of Dancefest's celebration of 30 years developing community dance, we asked people to explore the reasons they dance.

Thank you to all of the dancers who shared their dance stories with us - and it's not too late to add to our collection.



The Reimagine Lockdown Challenge was a creative dance and photography challenge for you to do at home during lockdown - on your own or with your family.


Dancefest Home

We asked people to sum up what home meant for them. We asked them to tell us in photos, words, poems, videos, music - anything that showed how they felt - no explanation required. 


Chance to Dance

Our Chance to Dance Company have made collaborative lockdown films.


The Way I See It

As part of The Way I See It, a project in partnership with Arts Council England and Google Arts & Culture, we asked anyone under 26 to celebrate learning in lockdown, by creating a 30 second dance film inspired by a 'first' - an exhilarating new experience, a new skill or a life lesson - the way you see it!