Zara Hatt

Zara was part of Dancefest’s youth company Elevate. She lives near the village of Wigmore in Herefordshire and is currently away at university

I started dancing with my tutor Janene when I was 8 and I’ve stuck with her ever since! First I was in Dancefest’s Juniors class, then Seniors, and then I joined Elevate when I was 13. I come to classes weekly and we also perform regularly. Dancefest has given me great experience and amazing opportunities, and I love that Janene stretches and develops us but never gets stressy.

I’m working hard for my exams at the moment and Elevate is the only dance that I do outside of college. I’m doing a dance Btec and the contemporary technique that I’ve learnt with Janene has really helped my studies. She encourages us to choreograph our own pieces and to develop our own style, but she also believes our technique to be important.

College gets so tiring - we’re always aiming for our exams – but at Dancefest I can have fun. When I’m tired, dance brings me back to feeling alert and vibrant again. I never would have danced without Dancefest and I'm keeping up my dance at university. I love Dancefest!