Kanon has been dancing since she was 5 years old and with Dancefest's youth company Accelerate. Kanon wrote this while she was on work experience and said that she was 'having an amazing time here with us'.

"Ever since I could remember, I danced. I was born in America and lived in America for the majority of my life. I did bits of cheer leading, jazz, tap, ballet, gymnastics, lyrical and contemporary throughout my life. I’ve been in competitions, festivals and all sorts of events. I also play the alto saxophone and piano and went into schools in Japan to talk a little about myself and to teach English.  

When I moved to England, I went to different dance studios but they didn’t really suit me. I wanted to do a style of my own and do more creative work, not just doing dances you are told to do to get a certain grade. So, as soon as I found out about Dancefest when it was my second year living here, I moved straight to Dancefest classes. The teachers here encourage you to find your own style and to enjoy dancing. I’m currently dancing with the youth dance company Accelerate and I enjoy every single moment dancing with the group.

I’ve been working here for my work experience week and got to know more about how Dancefest works. I would like to use the skills I learnt here to help me further on with the things I do in life. I would like to do something with music when I graduate school."

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