Jane Sandbrook regularly took her son to dance classes with Rose Beeston in the 1980s and thirty years later brought her grandson Joe to Dancefest’s classes.

“When my son – who is now in his 30s – was a boy, I used to take him to Rose Beeston’s (Dancefest’s Director) dance classes at Worcester Arts Workshop. Now he has a child of his own and I love taking my grandson Joe to Dancefest, first with their Wobblers class and then with Minis.

Dancefest’s children’s activities are great and Joe blossomed. I can see that the children are being developed in the class, for example, learning to take their turn. Joe loves his class – he has made friends, has learnt to join in and I’ve watched his confidence grow. To begin with I did some of the dancing with him, but now he runs off saying ‘Bye Grandma!’; He doesn’t need me anymore! He’s such a happy soul when he’s at Dancefest.

It’s a nice circle, taking my son and then my grandson to dance classes. If another grandchild comes along, I’ll take them dancing too.”

Jane Sandbrook and Joe