Jade Millward is a member of Dancefest’s Jigsaw Performance Company and has Down’s Syndrome. Her dad Steven explains why Jade loves to dance. 

Jade has always loved dance and drama; in fact she thrives on it! She comes to Jigsaw's weekly classes, plus of course is part of the big performances at The Courtyard.

Jigsaw has given her self-confidence, there’s no doubt about it – she gets to meet lots of people and is challenged, so her head is full of ideas. It’s wonderful to see her enthusiasm…some days I have to drag her off the floor at the end of the session!

Jade has a paid job at TK Maxx in Hereford, which is marvellous as so many people with Down’s are expected to do voluntary work. TK Maxx have a community fund that employees can apply to, so we got hold of a form and filled it in on behalf of Jigsaw. I couldn’t believe it when we were awarded £1500! But that’s Jade all over; she brims with energy and there’s no holding her back.

Her dancing is improving; all I hear these days is thump thump thump on the ceiling when she practices. I’m a big burly Welshman and who knows? Maybe one day I’ll join in! Jade is my inspiration.


Jade Millward