Jade Millward

Jade Millward is a member of Dancefest’s Jigsaw Performance Company and has Down’s Syndrome. Her dad Steven explains why Jade loves to dance. 

Jade has always loved dance and drama; in fact she thrives on it! She joined Jigsaw around three years ago and comes to weekly classes, plus of course is part of the big performances at The Courtyard. Lauren is a brilliant tutor and they get on famously.

Jigsaw has given her self-confidence, there’s no doubt about it – she gets to meet lots of people and is challenged, so her head is full of ideas. It’s wonderful to see her enthusiasm…some days I have to drag her off the floor at the end of the session!

Jade has a paid job at TK Maxx in Hereford, which is marvellous as so many people with Down’s are expected to do voluntary work. TK Maxx have a community fund that employees can apply to, so we got hold of a form and filled it in on behalf of Jigsaw. I couldn’t believe it when we were awarded £1500! But that’s Jade all over; she brims with energy and there’s no holding her back.

Her dancing is improving; all I hear these days is thump thump thump on the ceiling when she practices. I’m a big burly Welshman and who knows? Maybe one day I’ll join in! Jade is my inspiration.