Caroline Goldsmith

Third Year BA Hons, Dance and Community Practice Student at The University of Worcester

Caroline completed her work placement here at Dancefest. Caroline says she has ‘thoroughly enjoyed her time with Dancefest’. Read all about her work placement below:

I am a third year dance student at the University of Worcester. I began dancing when I was six years old and it has been my passion ever since. Over the years I have gained experience in a variety of styles including contemporary, street dance, break dancing, jazz, lyrical and hip-hop. I have performed in a number of shows and competed in several competitions both in groups and as a solo. I have also been teaching since I was around 15 years old and have choregraphed dances for both shows and competitions some of which have placed third, second and first. In my third year at university I have been part of the dance society in which I have been part of the contemporary, jazz and wildcard teams. At the University of Nottingham 'Go Hard or Go Home' Competition 2019 both jazz and contemporary placed third out of 10+ groups with incredible feedback from the judges. Also in my time at unversity I have worked with a number of different community groups including older adults and disability groups. My goal after uni is to continue working with different community groups as well as returning to my old dance school to continue teaching there. My eventual goal is to run my own dance school and I believe that my placement at Dancefest will help me to gain the skills and knowledge that I need to be successful in my future career. 

12/03/2019: On my placement with Dancefest I have been given the opportunity to work alongside some of Dancefest’s teachers at a number of varied dance groups. These classes are: Chance to Dance classes, local dance clubs for children aged 7-11, Dancemakers Juniors and Dancefest Youth company. Due to an injury in my first week I was unable to take part in any classes. From observing I learnt a lot about how to run sessions for people of different ages and abilities. 

I have also spent some time in the office of Dancefest. In this time, I have learnt things about how risk assessments are carried out, how Dancefest is run and who does what within the company. I am so pleased that I have the opportunity to learn from people in this industry and I feel I have already gained a lot of insight into how a community dance organisation is run. 


19/03/2019: In my second week on work placement I began to take part in the classes as well as helping with different parts. I have particularly enjoyed taking part in the ‘Chance for Dance’ class that I attend. This class is so enjoyable, and I can see why the participants continue to take part each week. The class teacher, Liz, has a great knowledge in working with this particular group and makes the classes suitable and fun for them.

I have continued to spend time in the office where I have worked on a press release for the ‘Circuit’ event Dancefest are holding that will be released as soon as the event has finished. I will be attending the event myself and I am very much looking forward to seeing the work that both Dancefest and local schools and colleges have been working on.


26/03/19: The highlight of this week on my work placement was attending Dancefest’s Circuit performance in Hereford. At this event some of Dancefest’s performance groups and other local schools, colleges and dance schools perform in front of family and friends in an evening of fun. It was so nice to have the opportunity to see what the dancers at Dancefest can do and for them to have the chance to showcase their skills and creativity. I loved seeing different people from the local area performing and doing something they love, with so many different styles all in one place it was a great experience! I have continued to work alongside some of the Dancefest team in their classes and taking part. The classes are so fun and really show people what dance is really about. Everybody I have met so far has been so friendly and welcoming.



02/04/2019: This week on my placement I attended Dancefest's Circuit performance in Worcester and saw some different groups perform. The performance was incredible from all groups involved and it was a really enjoyable evening. I also helped to run the show backstage, meaning I went to the changing rooms between dances to make sure the upcoming groups were ready and bring them to the side of the stage. This week I worked with a small group at Dines Green Dance Club on a creative task that will help them to achieve their level 2 certificates. The task was for them to work together in pairs or threes to create a dance using a stimulus; rolls, jumps, turns and freezes. It was really nice to see the ideas the children had and watch them put them into a duet/trio. The children made some lovely pieces and it was really nice to watch them work together and enjoy showing off their individual skills and talents. 


09/04/2019: The highlight of this week for me was attending Dancefest's Celebrating Age festival at Malvern Theatres. It was a real pleasure to have the opportunity to perform in a flashmob alongside the participants at Dancefest classes and to see them perform, showing such passion was an incredible experience. I have had some more teaching experiences over my last two weeks on work placement, carrying out warm ups and different sections during sessions with different groups. Coming towards the end of my placement I am overwhelmed with the support that I have received from everyone at Dancefest and am thrilled that I have had this opportunity to work alongside such a briliant team. I have gained so much from my work placement here in terms of both experiences and knowledge and am extremely grateful. I am saddened that my placement with Dancefest is coming to an end and would highly recommend Dancefest classes to anyone looking to get involved in dance.