An introduction to Bee Minett

Bee Minett grew up in Warndon, Worcester. She went to karate classes at Warndon Community Centre until she was 8/9 years old.

She’d see Dancefest’s Warndon Dance Club taking place each week just after her karate, and she’d often have a peek. She’d seen dance on TV and thought she may like to try the class out for a while.

She tried it, liked it, and continued to dance with Dancefest for several years, many at Warndon Dance Club, then Street and Breakdance. She has great memories of performing in Parklife at The King’s School, and Spill at Gheluvelt Park.

We’ve been bumping into Bee, her mum and her grandma ever since – and we’ve been delighted to hear what she’s been up to and all that she’s achieved.

After Dancefest, Bee went on to study dance at Kidderminster College, followed by Shockout Arts in Manchester, where she got a First in her degree, and a Distinction in her Masters, both in Professional and Commercial Dance.

Throughout this time, Bee has taught and danced with dance crews in The Midlands, Manchester and London.

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Bee says she was influenced by the form of dance that she experienced at Warndon Dance Club, other Dancefest classes, and by the teachers. She says she may not feel the same way if her start in dance had been different.

Bee says: “The dance classes were about doing it because you wanted to, pushing yourself as much as you liked, and only if you wanted to. Not everyone’s learning journey is the same, and Dancefest recognises that.”

In the future, Bee would like to develop her practice, creating projects and even start her own company. Bee would love to create work that utilises dancers' skill sets, regardless of their appearance, pronouns, sexual orientation and race etc. Delving into the limitlessness of dance and art is something which really fuels and inspires Bee to create, and she looks forward to continuing on this journey.

For Bee, raw expression in dance is really important. She says she’s always been quiet and always wanted to be able to do things differently, and that dance is communication, conversation without talking.

Now, Bee says, she can barely think of anything else but dance. She says, “dance is not one thing, it’s anything and everything.”

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