Becky came to Dancefest classes for 7 years and studies Dance at university

I came to Dancefest through the W'ire performance group and took to it straight away. I used to do ballet, tap and jazz but I hated it! It was so prescriptive. At Dancefest, we get to create and perform. The teachers encourage us to find our own style, which is so much more interesting. I now come to several classes a week and I have volunteered with Warndon Dance Club.

I always wanted to dance, but I didn't know how strong the urge was until it was nurtured by Dancefest. With them, I have learnt to choreograph to a high standard and I've had a glimpse into what a career in dance might mean. I'm currently studying dance at degree level. There's no doubt that Dancefest has brought something extra to my studies. They've given me knowledge and confidence in my own creativity. We have fun but we are learning at the same time.

Becky featured on our images for Vista.

Becky Chappell
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