Arts Award Explore is designed for ages 7 and upwards but is open to anyone aged up to 25

We can support parts A, B C & D through our programme of activities and events

Part A: inspire

  • Young people will be able to take part in practical arts activities such as our weekly dance workshops

Part B: explore

  • Young people will be able to explore the work of artists and arts organisations through meeting and talking to our Director and Dance Development Team about Dancefest’s work.

Part C: create

  • Young people will be able to create a piece of work as the result of taking part in a weekly class

Part D: present

  • Young people will be able to present what they enjoyed, achieved and are most proud of from their Explore work by showing their work at one of Dancefest’s sharings.

If you're doing an Explore Arts Award contact Janene Wyatt, Dancefest’s Development Team Leader for Children.   

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Dancefest is an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation and also gratefully receives funding from Worcester Municipal Charities, The Eveson Trust, Dumbreck Charity, Albright Grimley Charity, and WA Cadbury Charitable Trust.