Jigsaw Inclusive Dance - Hereford (18+)

An creative, inclusive dance class for disabled and non-disabled dancers. New dancers always welcome - come and give it a try!

They meet in Hereford on Tuesday afternoons.


A group of actors on stage, with a man in a wheelchair in the foreground, headphones round his neck
A group of dancers in a dance class

Jigsaw Inclusive Dance - Worcester (18+)

A class for anyone who loves dancing.

Learn dance moves, and be creative using different themes. They meet on Tuesday evenings in Worcester.

Access and Inclusion in Education

SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) projects using different themes or curriculum-based activities.

We can create bespoke projects for schools and colleges inspired by different themes or curriculum-based activities. Schools can be part of local cluster sharings that Dancefest organises or become part of our larger scale performance projects.

Equipment Loan

We have a range of resources which are available to loan to groups working with disabled people of all ages. Funded by the Pippin Trust, they include:

  • parachutes
  • inflatable floating shapes
  • large body elastics
  • stretchy fabrics
  • octobands
  • glitter balls. 

Get in touch if you'd like to use any of our resources for workshops or events

Useful Links

People Dancing - the development and membership organisation for community and participatory dance, driving forward inclusion and excellence.

Herefordshire Disability United - HDU's objectives are to promote the interests, welfare and social inclusion of disabled people living in Herefordshire.

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Dancefest is an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation and also gratefully receives funding from Worcester Municipal Charities, The Eveson Trust, Dumbreck Charity, Albright Grimley Charity, and WA Cadbury Charitable Trust.