Elizabeth - a woman in her 40s with a red bow in her hair, wearing a black sweatshirt.

Community Engagement Manager and Delivery Lead

Elizabeth has a BA (Hons) Contemporary Dance degree from Bretton Hall University College of Leeds. 

She joined Dancefest in 2001 and has been working with us ever since. During her time she has performed on many varied and exciting projects including the site specific Dreams and Ruin at Witley Court and Forbidden at Goodrich Castle.

She leads the Chance to Dance Company, and loves to help people discover dance and performing in later life.

Her main development role for Dancefest is facilitating dance for Adults, but Elizabeth works across all areas that Dancefest delivers on. 

She is usually in the office Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays or found travelling the countryside delivering dance in rural areas.


Arts Council England Worcester Municipal Charities Eveson Charitable Trust People Dancing Professional Member Arts Award Supporter

Dancefest is an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation and also gratefully receives funding from Worcester Municipal Charities, The Eveson Trust, Dumbreck Charity, Albright Grimley Charity, and WA Cadbury Charitable Trust.