Amie Morgan

Amie graduated with a BA honours in contemporary dance, choreography and performing arts from Winchester University in 2006.

Amie has danced since she was very young and has always loved to dance but found a real love for contemporary and creative dance whilst doing her A levels.  

Amie started working for Dancefest in September 2006, teaching alongside other teachers to gain experience. After gaining experience with Dancefest, she then went on to teach as a dance teacher in a secondary school as well as becoming a dance leader at Number 8 Arts Centre.

Amie is a freelance dance practitioner for Dancefest, and over the last 15 years teaching she has taught a wide variety of classes including parents and wobblers, mini movers, dance clubs, youth dance, chance to dance and many more. 

Amie has also taught lots of project work in schools over the years for Dancefest and continues to do so.

Amie’s main focus now is on the community groups which take place in all of the Worcester Community Trust hubs. 

Amie has recently started a new role focusing on the coordination and development of the community classes and is looking forward to nurturing these classes and bringing new and exciting opportunities to the children who take part in them. 

Amie has been involved in many performance projects over the years and loves sharing her love for dance with the children she teaches, and watching their confidence and passion for dance grow.

Amie is a woman in her 30s with brown shoulder length hair. She's wearing a turquoise t-shirt with the Dancefest logo on. We can see her head and shoulders.
Arts Council England Worcester Municipal Charities Eveson Charitable Trust People Dancing Professional Member Arts Award Supporter

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