The essence of Dancefest is enabling people to find joy in dance through being confident and creative participants.

Age and ability have no bearing and we make no distinction between people who want to dance for fun or those who want to make it a career - our dance leaders are trained in contemporary techniques and choreographic practice and their great skill lies in finding the right starting point – a person’s motivation to move and to feed that motivation through extending movement vocabulary, developing technical, choreographic and critical thinking skills and providing appropriate progression routes.

Encouraging curiosity

Dancefest encourages curiosity - about contemporary dance, who dances, where dance happens. We take dance classes and performances out of studios and theatres and into schools, community centres, village halls, care homes, leisure centres, parks and heritage sites - we make something extraordinary out of the ordinary – surprise people by their own achievements.

We use the term contemporary dance not only to describe the techniques we use but in the broader sense of contemporary - it is of its time - techniques and styles blended with everyday movement used according to context.

Our dance leaders create performances with our participants, sometimes in collaboration with professional artists and companies who inspire and refresh our thinking. We regularly explore unusual spaces and places.

Performers are taken on a creative journey that begins with an idea and ends with the audience seeing the response to that idea – Dancefest encourages both performer and audience to look at the world around them in a different way.

Jigsaw Pieces - Dancers with Umbrellas

Jigsaw Pieces

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Dancefest is an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation and also gratefully receives funding from Worcester Municipal Charities, The Eveson Trust, Dumbreck Charity, Albright Grimley Charity, and WA Cadbury Charitable Trust.