Dancefest began life in 1990 as a festival to celebrate and raise the profile of dance. It has now grown into the main community dance development organisation for Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

Over three decades, we have provided opportunities for over 200,000 people to take part in contemporary dance, through our programme of classes, workshops, school and community projects.

We have created outdoor performances on our high streets, at stately homes and in public open spaces (both urban and rural) reaching audiences of over 150,000 people. We have created communities and nurtured young talent.

We use the power and joy of dance to enhance people’s lives; in schools, communities, on the streets and in rural spaces.

We encourage curiosity - about contemporary dance, who dances, where dance happens.

Our Vision

To transform our world through dance. 

Our Mission

We use the power and joy of dance to enhance people’s lives; in schools, communities, on the streets and in rural spaces.  

Our Purpose

  • Inspire, challenge and educate 

  • Support artists and develop talent

  • Improve health and well-being

  • Enable anyone to take part, facilitating everyday creativity 

  • Build cultural ambition for Herefordshire and Worcestershire 

Our work is shaped and informed by our values

  • Taking pride in the people we work with and the quality of our work
  • Treating everyone equally, regardless of their race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability, and working to support both cultural diversity and social inclusion
  • Believing that anyone can dance, regardless of age, ability, experience or background
  • Being friendly, responsive and collaborative, as well as professional, in our work
  • Adopting an holistic approach to our participants, by supporting their well-being and personal development alongside their creative aspirations
  • Operating as an open, flexible and listening organisation, always receptive to new ideas, approaches and partnerships

Artistic Statement

Dancefest want people to find joy in dance through being confident and creative participants.

Our highly skilled community dance leaders use contemporary techniques, creative and choreographic skills to work with people of all ages and abilities in a range of settings.

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Dancers in green and blue

Meet the Team

Our Board

Dancefest has a skilled and dedicated board of trustees

Dance Teachers

We're always pleased to hear from freelance dance workers so get in touch if you'd like to work with Dancefest.