12 Moves was conceived of and produced by Dancefest.

The 12 Moves Dance Squads
Since summer 2010, Dance Squads have delivered dance classes and workshops across Worcestershire.

Artistic Directors 

They use emerging technologies and live performance to bring distinctive digital art into public spaces. Since 2003 SDNA have developed and presented digital art and theatrical productions for museums, fashion labels, city councils, musicians and many more, including Glastonbury Festival and Roundhouse (London)

Jennifer Irons

Jennifer is choreographer for 12 Moves. Originally from Canada and now based in London, she is an independent dance artist and project manager who works internationally in creating, facilitating and producing works that have engagement at their heart. Jennifer’s interest is in the experience of theatre rather than the parameters of it and she seeks projects that engage audiences through participation and inclusivity through practice.

Mira Calix

Mira Calix is an award winning composer, producer and DJ signed to Warp Records, with whom she has released five albums.  Mira is known as an artist who excels in electronic experimentation and although her earlier music is almost exclusively electronic in nature, in recent years she has incorporated classical orchestration into her work for installation pieces, film soundtracks, theatre and opera.

Stephen Wilson

Stephen has been writing for the stage since graduating with an MA in Playwriting Studies in 1994. He has had plays performed at The Battersea Arts Centre, Etcetera Theatre, Watford Palace, New Wolsey Theatre and The Cockpit Theatre. He has also had his own theatre company, Camden Artists and New Playwrights and has also directed and acted on the stage and on radio. He is married with 2 children and a cat and is a pub quiz fiend.