Arts Award

Dancefest is an Arts Award Welcome Centre.

Young people can use our classes, workshops and performances to help them gain the Arts Award.

Achieve your Arts Award with Dancefest

Dancefest is an Arts Award centre with three trained advisers, Beth Andrews, Marie Oldaker and Clare Wood.  Young people can use our classes, projects, performances and youth dance platforms to help them gain Arts Award.

Arts Award is a national qualification which supports young people to develop as artists and arts leaders.

Through Arts Award young people aged 7-25 are encouraged to enjoy the arts, develop creative and leadership skills, and achieve a nationally recognised qualification.

Doing an Arts Award develops creative and communication skills, and the ability to lead projects. An Arts Award is useful when looking for further education and job opportunities - in the arts and other fields.

Arts Award assesses how young people develop in their chosen arts activities rather than in the achievement of a pre-determined skill level. The Award has two strands - arts practice and arts leadership.

Young people gather evidence of their creative and skills development which they present as a portfolio in any format.

Young people can work towards Arts Award within, outside and beyond school or college.

Dancefest currently offers Arts Award qualifications at Bronze and Silver, equivalent to levels 1 and 2 on the Qualifications and Credit framework (QCF). Bronze Arts Award will normally take around 40 hours to complete, while Silver will take about 60 hours. A timeline for completion of the work will be agreed individually with Arts Award advisers.

Arts Award advisers facilitate arts experiences, support progress and assess young people's portfolios prior to external moderation.

What to do next:

Find out about what other young people are doing, take a look at the case studies on the Arts Award website

If you'd like to achieve your Arts Award with Dancefest or use our classes, workshops and projects to help you gain the award, contact Clare Wood, Dancefest's Youth Dance Coordinator, to register your interest and arrange to meet with an adviser to start your Arts Award journey.

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